Monday, 23 July 2007

Circle Journal

This morning i woke up early the post man was knocking on my door, he had the first circle journal from hilsbils on UKS. I was so excited getting it and I have to say it is fab! Its all about her top 20 songs, cant wait to get started on it it is really nice. I like a few of the songs so i have to try and narrow it down now. Ill get started after I make the dinner, going for nice and easy pasta bake tonight.

What is a circle journal???????

a group (my group are from UKS) of people make a book each and pick thier own theme (I picked garden fairy).Then everyone's names and addresses go on a list and the books goes along to each group memeber and eventually back to the owner therfore creating the circle.(there are ten in my group and we post our journals to each other once a month, we are due to finish next april) You always send to the same person, so there is no confusion. Each grop member completes a 2 page lo or whatever the member has asked for in thier journal. You put your own design of words and thoughts plus images and art in thier journal but use thier theme and instruction as a guide. you can include photos if you want. Its a good way to try something a bit different in each book. So eventually at the end of a few months everyone ends up with thier own journal, and they get to see all the work of thier team members. (cant wait to upload mine to show you!)

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