Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Still Waiting!!!! Blog Surfing!

Im 4 days over due, baby is keeping me guessing! So while Im waiting Im blog surfing and found some lovely blogs, check them out if you have time!

colection of moments
my head space
3 dimensional me
The Paper Girls

And thank you to Jo for the lovely Blog candy stamp she sent me, check out her great blog I cant wait to get to use it!


jazsutra said...

Hey there,I AM SO SO HONOURED when i say my blog name HERE! OMG,ure making me famous lol!thanks for making my day.
and all the best to mommy and baby.look fwd to meet baby in yr blog.i'll come back soon to check baby out ;)
bautiful work you have here too ;)-jaz

Vickie said...

Hurry up baby!
Great links Kathy, think its a full time job checking my google reader now lol

Olive said...

Love the links! Great stamp too, I hope you get a lot of use out of it.

Chriss Rollins said...

T H A N K Y O U, for mentioning our blog we are thrilled.
the art work your sisters have created is gorgeous...reminds me of when we were children and we made boogies out of pram wheels and a plank of wood.
Maybe the wait is because baby is a boy, I found that with both my boys.
look forward to seeing you blogging/scrapping your little bundle of joy.
take care
chriss x

~Sasha Farina~ said...

oh this is so sweet! I'm keeping both of you in my thoughts and prayers :) keep us updated with pictures when you can okay :) *hugs*

Edleen said...

hope you are doing great and Thanks for the mention, what an Honour :)

please let me know when Baby arrives! Rest Well and Take care.


Ifa said...

I am so desperate for news, my dear.