Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Not much going on except waiting!

I got my Bad Girl Kit in the post yesterday! I love the embelishments, and the cool chirp stamp! I also got my UKS Team CJ today, its all about Flower Power so Im looking forward to completing that. I have not done any scrapping as I am busy putting the finishing touches to my baby and now Im waiting and wondering when baby will arrive and will it be a boy or girl! Shimelles Scrap Your Day is this Thursday, I still have to print and scrap last months photos, It would be good if the baby decided to arrive on the 25th this month it would make a great DLO lol but I have a feeling it is quiet comfortable where it is!

The top two pictures show my sisters sculpture in the Botanic Gardens in Dublin.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Kath....you won the Art Journey plate over on my blog, might be the beginning of a lucky week for you :0))))
Please email me with your details if you are not in labour lol

Hope all goes well for you and the baby.

Amazing sculpture from your sis btw....how amazing getting it placed there.

Ifa said...

Wow, that sculpture is amazing. Can't believe how close you are to DD, hope she makes an appearance soon.

Olive said...

Love Lucy's sculpture! Thanks for the papers, I'm going to use them tomorrow! Start being stern with the little one,it needs to come out and meet us all lol!

jakey said...

Good luck - hope your wait is over soon!

jk xx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Any news?? Fingers crossed for you all xx

Wendy Smith said...

you will be able to some really great scrapping

Edleen said...

Hi! just dropping by from Singapore and wanted to say i *heart* your work and ohh...Happy Arrival of Baby!

Take care!