Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Pretty Little House Swap and Shimelles Blogging prompt eighteen

These are the houses I got back from a recent swap on UKS! Thanks Girls!

Who was your personal favourite teeny-bopper pin-up? Share a story about that dreamboat or another happy teenage memory with your readers.

Well if you have been following my Blog you will know that Bon Jovi (mostly Jon) were and still are my favourite teeny-bopper pin-up. My first record was Thriller by Micheal Jakson, Dad said I pestered him for it!


besh said...

love the houses, what a fun swap!
i am i didn't know about the pin-up, but my bff & i bought each other matching jon bon jovi posters of that beautiful face of his...i remember they were huge too! =)

Mariangeles M said...

Great job on your LOs!!

BTW, love those houses :-)

Carrie said...

OMGosh! Gorgeous!

Linda said...

Gorgeous houses - what a great idea!

jakey said...

Oh those houses are adorable! I might have to make myself a whole set :-)

jk x

Ifa said...

Love those houses, I might have to make some too.