Sunday, 26 August 2007

Flat Lakes Festival

Today Houssem and I went to Clones, to the Flat Lakes Literary Festival. It was held in the grounds of the most magnificent Hilton House pictured above ( I got the photos from their web site because can you believe it I forgot my camera) It is actually run as a B&B, look them up if your in need of a break.

The grounds are fantastic, and after today I could do a lot of name dropping as I was rubbing shoulders with some very famous VIPs it was amazing (but I don't name drop sorry) I think it was a good place for them to go because they got no hassle at all and the crowd the festival attracted were very arty and gentry like. One celeb did shock me at how small in height she was, she looked so timid and I always imagined her to be a strong tall woman.

Not at all like a normal festival. They are all camping out under the stars tonight. It was my sister Lucy that told me about the festival, she was exhibiting some of her visual art work at it (thats her in the top picture), she also helped out and made some presentations. A very interesting day had by all, seriously check this place out, its beautiful.


charlotte said...

It sounds like the festival has been a very good experience for you! It looks so pretty on the photos! And that big house is just amazing! I'm glad you had fun!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! How did you find me!?? It was great to have a visitor all the way from Ireland! :-)

Audrey said...

Sounds like a cool festival!!

Lainey said...

Will have to check that one out - looks like an amazing venue. Thanks for checking out my blog!;-)