Friday, 10 August 2007

The edge of this is missing as it was too big for the scanner.

When going through the family photos I found this one of my great uncle charlie lying on his work bench, he was a tailor, so the stitching goes well with him! I also found a piece of paper with his writing on it showing how he devided up his pension, £5 for the poor £ for the missions £10 for christmas, £8 for his sister, £ 8 for my little sister lucy, £5 for me, £5 for my brother, £5 for taxi's and the rest went to my aunt his sister for his keep.

He had a hard life, TB as a teenager, which some say prevented him for finding someone to share his life with. He also had a hard death.

He was such a generous man and even though he had nothing he would always help and always say a prayer for you. He could have made some one very happy.

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Audrey said...

This is gorgeous - the LO is beautiful, but the sentiment is even more touching.