Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Messing around with Tim!

My new Ikea desk is all set up, and I got to work on it for the first time today while my little prince was sleeping (which was not very long) so I played around with my Tim Holtz toys. I didnt make anything I just played which was a nice thing to do because I haven't done that in years, so the results were not that great but I had fun. I got the collection stamps but I think they are only suitable for atc's, I think i will have to get the big ones, so if anyone has seen them going cheap or 2nd hand please let me know. I did discover that my PC wont start for some reason, thank god for laptops!


Allison said... these tools! I have some of the stuff (distress inks and masks) but haven't really put them to much use yet! Love to see 'em in action!

Maggi said...

I love how those came out! I've got a couple of the Holtz distress inks but have never been able to do anything with them! lol

mandysea said...

These are stunning!!! I love what you have done with thoses fab inks!!!
Very artistic!

Vibeke said...

It looks like you have a good time:)