Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Scrap Your Day 1 Year On


This is the last day of 'Scrap Your Day' a fantastic free class given by Shimelle on UKS. My friend Olive
suggested it would be a worthwhile project for me to take part in because my life was going to change a lot in the year. SHe cut the cover and pages for me and bound the book with her BIA, and off I went. It was a good idea and now I have a good record in photos of the year. I have one more entry to make and that will be completed after I finish taking photos today. I also want to decorate the inside of the cover with some reflection journalling.
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Kazan Clark said...

Wow this is an amazing job well done!

Trina said...

aww it looks gorgous Kathy!

It's a fab record of Rayan's first year, I didn't think of it like that until after I had started it!

Mine doesn't finish till August!

T xx