Wednesday, 21 November 2007

New Circle Journal

I got this months circle journal in the post today and I could not wait to get started, It really is a nice cj, all about the books from my child hood. I hope mine comes back as nice.

I loved reading as a child it was a great. I rember having a torch and hiding under the covers to read all the wonderful storys from the library. Dad was always saying turn off that torch and go asleep you will ruin your eyes squinting in the dark, but I loved that.

I was involved in a Nov/Dec birthday swap, my gift came early today, I was very bold and opened it. It was filled with great goodies, and a lovely tin to alter and a lovely stamp. Thanks to Ifa!


Audrey said...

OOohhhhh - I loved reading under the covers with a torch too. I would feel just like the kids in the stories like the famous five and the secret seven. And I always wanted to have a midnight feast just like the girls of St Clares !!!!

Vickie said...

Mine was only the 3rd entry but it was lovely from what I seen. I'm a total bookworm so had no problems with this one at all!
We'll be high as kites come June - I can't wait - wonder who'll be the support?